Effects of dirty injectors

The injectors of the injection system are important components necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in the combustion engine. However, unavoidable deposits lead to soiling of the injectors with increasing mileage. The consequences are then an unbalanced fuel-air mixture which leads to increased fuel consumption, lower performance, premature impairment of the exhaust aftertreatment system and increasing exhaust emissions. Injection nozzle replacement by using BIZOL Rust Shock+ f22 is a effective way to save money and time.

Clean and protect dirty injectors

In order to offer the workshops an optimal possibility of cleaning the dirty injectors, BIZOL has developed Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80 and Pro Diesel System Clean+ p60. The highly concentrated cleaning agents can be fed into the fuel circuit without removing the injectors.

Optimum fuel combustion

The cleaning fluid dissolve even the most stubborn deposits in the fuel system, on the valves and on and in the injectors so that optimum fuel combustion can take place again. The result is improved engine performance, reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and extended injector life. A first professional cleaning of the fuel system should be carried out after 80,000 to 100,000 km and then every 60,000 km.

Damaged injectors during removal

If cleaning has been delayed too long in the installed state, the only solution is usually to replace the contaminated injectors. However, removing them can be a great challenge, even for experienced car mechanics. Cured combustion residues often lead to the injectors becoming stuck and damaged. Our BIZOL application engineer Michael Schmeisser explains this as follows: “…in diesel vehicles, for example, worn sealing rings can be the cause of very strong and persistent deposits. The sealing rings of the injectors can no longer prevent the escape of fuel vapours and oil mist, which can lead to very tight and dirty injectors. The removal of the injectors is then often a big and difficult problem! Even when using high-quality special tools, the very expensive and high-precision components can be damaged.”

Injection nozzle replacement with BIZOL Rust Shock+ f22

To be able to remove the dirty and stuck injectors easily and without damage from the cylinder head, Michael Schmeisser recommends BIZOL Rust Shock+ f22. The easy to use cold spray saves time and money. This highly effective tool loosens seized injectors, glow and spark plugs. A special formulation creates the effect of a “cold shock” (up to -40 °C) forcing the rust layer to break and enabling the active ingredient to penetrate quickly and effectively. Ultra-fine PTFE particles improve the sliding behavior during disassembly. The product is free of acid and silicone and compatible with most plastic materials.

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