Gaskets in motor vehicles – versatile and indispensable

Engine gaskets are important technical components made of a wide variety of material compositions, and just a few effective gasket removers can loosen them. Sealing components prevent the loss of fluids and make an important contribution to seal-free operation and constant lubrication in the engine or gearbox. You can normally find them in combustion engines or in aggregates.

Leakages endanger materials, environment and health

A functioning sealing system prevents for example, the escape of environmentally hazardous substances such as exhaust gas, fuel and engine or transmission oil. Sealed components have a direct effect on engine performance. They prevent pollutant emissions from for example; exhaust gas recirculation or the exhaust gas turbocharger. Functional seals also prevent harmful exhaust gases from entering the vehicle interior. Therefore, it is vital to maintain them regularly. Undamaged cylinder head gaskets are also important for the even force distribution in the bracing system at the cylinder head.

What causes wear on gasket materials?

As a rule, a leak or the indicator light in the cockpit will draw the driver´s attention for defective seals, and by then it might be late. Various factors can cause long-term wear of these key components. An overheated engine or damage to the surrounding area can lead to functional impairment. But also signs of age caused by chemical processes over the course of time make the seals porous and brittle and cause leaks.

Symptoms of defective seals

  • Less power available
  • Poor cold start behavior
  • Cooling water contaminated with oil
  • Too high cooling water temperature
  • Oil loss
  • Cooling water loss

Solid residues of gaskets delay the effective repair

This means that seals must be replaced at the latest when fixing leaks or doing repair maintenance. As seals can withstand aggressive fluids, high pressures and temperatures, they are often difficult to remove completely. Mechanics have a lot of work when scraping of especially old residues of liquid seals can only be scraped off with laborious detailed work.

Gasket Remover+ c37 – fast, effective, reliable

BIZOL offers BIZOL Gasket Remover+ c37, a powerful cleaner with effective dissolving properties. It works for removing old gasket residues, for example on crankcases, cylinder heads or oil pans. The easy-to-use spray quickly and effectively removes dried and hardened gaskets as well as stubborn paint layers and soot deposits. BIZOL Gasket Remover+ c37 is compatible with various materials such as metal, wood, glass, ceramics, polyethylene and polypropylene. Not for application on plastics or PVC.

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