Many workshop owners complain about a certain effort and expensive equipment that is needed to keep fuel injectors clean and the car owner happy. But is it worth the effort to carry out this often so expensive service?

A clean injector is the key for an optimal performance for the engine. The job a fuel injector needs to perform is a critical one: they inject the fuel in an optimal way to allow it to burn properly and develop its optimal potential.

Fuel injectors clog when deposits build up in the tips of the injector over time. Usually there are remnants of burned fuel left after the engine is shut down. While the engine cools, the vaporized gases settle on every surface in the combustion chamber, including the fuel injector nozzle. Over time these deposits harden and eventually affect the nice and clean spray of the injector. As a result, the engine runs irregularly and faces the danger of breaking down eventually

Now what most car owners want to avoid is their car being taken apart, the injectors taken out and replaced. But are there ways around it,  if the injectors haven´t been cleaned for a long time? Often they are very heavily deposited so that many workshops face the dilemma of whether to replace the injectors and causing a lot of expenses for the car owner. 

But there is a way to clean heavily deposited injectors without removing them: using a system made of a fluid and a professional hardware that comes with an adapter set so that workshops can provide the service for any car. It´s a perfect solution for workshops that have conentrated on general repairs and would like to diversify their service offering. At the same time the the car owner benefits also because a costly replacement of the injectors is avoided.

So how come this professional service is nearly just as effective as replacing the injectors? First of all the fluid goes directly into the fuel system as opposed to regular fuel system cleaning additives that are simply added to the fuel tank. It means that it directly attacks the deposites that are mainly gathered  at the injectors . Also, a professional fuel system cleaner from BIZOL, for instance contains so-called Deposit Control Additives (DCA) which form a protective layer on all cleaned parts of the fuel system therewith delaying the formation of new deposits.

We recommend a first professional cleaning of the fuel system after 100 000 km and every 60 000 km after that.

If you want to know in details how to carry out a BIZOL Professional Fuel System Cleaning Service – contact our Technical and Sales Consultants who will be delighted to give you the needed information and support.

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    • BIZOL
      BIZOL says:

      Hi Konrad. For the method BIZOL is offering you do not require any special tools. BIZOL provides you the fluid and a kit that goes with it – and that´s the beauty of it. It´s available for our partners to order now, so it won´t take long for it to be present in Poland.


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