Tired of oil loss and blue smoke emissions? Do you want to do something to prevent it and stop polluting the environment? The drip, drip loss of oil is a problem because it forces you to be vigilant, to make sure that the oil level does not drop too low and cause substantial damage to the engine.

If the engine is losing or consuming oil, it means that you have to replenish the missing oil at regular intervals, which costs money. Quite apart from the inconvenience and extra costs associated with oil loss is the fact that any oil which is being spewed from the vehicle is also causing environmental pollution.

Preventing pollution of the air and contamination of the soil, watercourse, public drainage system and waterways is a legal obligation in most territories. Air pollution caused by blue smoke, i.e., burning engine oil is problem that many countries have sought to reduce by making regular vehicle exhaust emissions testing a statutory requirement.

How does BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 help prevent environmental pollution?

BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 is an engine oil additive, which has been developed to help stop engine oil loss and oil consumption. Leaks from seals and gaskets due to material ageing – as seals lose elasticity over time – only get worse. The one-shot additive provides a straightforward solution to the problem and can prevent a minor leak turning into a major one.

The combined effects of heat, mechanical wear and the presence of chemicals in the engine oil that can wash the elastomers out of the rubber, compromise the gasket’s ability to seal.

Poor sealing means that engine oil can readily enter the combustion chamber and produce harmful blue smoke. Once oil starts to enter the combustion chamber, the burnt oil leaves carbon deposits behind in the engine and exhaust aftertreatment systems. Deposits of soot and carbon, i.e. burnt engine oil, can cause secondary problems such as pre-ignition and cause irreparable damage to the catalytic converter or particulate filter.

BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 contains specially developed seal conditioners that restore elasticity to gaskets and seals to combat the effects of porosity or material fatigue.

How does BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 work?

Oil leaks are often a result of poor oil viscosity characteristics. When engine oil viscosity behaviour becomes instable, the oil can get too thin at high temperatures. The thinner the oil gets due to fluctuating viscosity levels, the more likely it is that leaks will occur. As soon as leaks develop, increased oil consumption is not far behind.

BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 restores oil viscosity to normal levels by means of so-called viscosity improvers. Harmful leaks, which can subsequently contaminate the environment, catalytic converter and/or gasoline particulate filter (GPF) or diesel particulate filter (DPF) are thus prevented once the stability of the engine oil is re-established.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, very. In fact, it is simplicity itself, all you have to do is simply pour in and forget. One 250 ml tin is effective for up to 4 litres of engine oil and can be used at any time between oil changes. Add to warm engine oil if oil consumption is high. The additive is compatible with all commercially available engine oils but is not suitable for motorcycles with wet clutches.

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