Is your diesel noisy, running rough or simply refusing to start properly?

What can be causing these symptoms? Surely, it can’t be coke, gum or similar blocking up the engine? Nowadays, with modern fuels, there’s no need to clean and maintain modern diesel fuel systems, is there?Well, actually, even the latest generation of engines and fuel systems still require this simple sort of maintenance.

Regardless of the quality of fuel used, deposits, gum and oxidisation build up when the vehicle is in use, fact. Despite all of the advances in fuel technology, the accumulation of residues cannot be halted.

Niggling engine running problems, noise and poor idling can be both unsettling and lead to secondary damage if not tackled in good time. BIZOL Diesel Power Boost can be used as a preventative measure at each service, after completing repair work to the fuel system or simply to improve engine running refinement and idle behaviour.

Over time, deposits form and this is where BIZOL Diesel Power Boost makes the greatest difference. The combustion chamber, piston crown, fuel injectors and, depending on the injection system, inlet valves and valve throats can be kept clean using the BIZOL Diesel Power Boost, cleaning away deposits that have already formed and preventing the formation of new residues.

It is time to act is, at the very latest, when varnish and gum build up in the fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel injectors and carbon deposits accumulate on the inlet valves. A build-up of deposits means that the components no longer function as efficiently as they were designed to. The easiest way of remedying the problem – without going to the expense and effort of removing and cleaning fuel system components – is to use a tin of BIZOL Diesel Power Boost when you notice that problems are beginning to arise.

Preventing the engine and fuel-delivery system from getting clogged up is worth real gains in terms of greater reliability, i.e., parts of the fuel system getting blocked to the point where the car will not start in the morning or make the starter motor and battery work much harder. Improved fuel efficiency is also a benefit not to be sniffed at given the current fuel price developments. When the induction system or fuel system is even partially blocked, the result is lower power and lower fuel economy, simply because you have to press the accelerator pedal further to the floor, just to extract the desired amount of power from the engine.

BIZOL Diesel Power Boost can be used with all types of diesel, including biodiesel, all fuelling systems – including direct injection – and is suitable for both normally aspirated and forced induction engines, i.e., it is safe to use in turbocharged engines.

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