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Clean instead of dismantle – Pro Gasoline Clean/ Pro Diesel System Clean?

By cleaning the fuel injectors, you can easily improve fuel injection and combustion quickly and inexpensively. Also, reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are positive effects of this practice. These nozzles can become contaminated over time. Poor fuel quality or long service life often generate contamination. These lead to malfunctions in the fuel injection or combustion. Pro Gasoline Clean+ p80 and Pro Diesel System Clean+ p60 are BIZOL´s solutions for cleaning the injection nozzles professionaly.

Problems with contamination in the injection system

Accumulated contaminants in the fuel injectors are one of the common problems of an engine. The injectors spray fuel mist into the intake air under high pressure to create the explosive mixture needed for combustion in the engine. If the injectors are clogged with deposits, the result is an unbalanced fuel-air mixture and incomplete combustion. The fuel is then more difficult to ignite and burns less efficiently. This results in poor starting behaviour, rough idling and increased fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

Compatible complete set with regular maintenance intervals

BIZOL Pro System Clean+ p80 and BIZOL Pro System Clean+ p60 are available as professional injector cleaning complete sets with a wide range of adapters. BIZOL Pro System Clean+ is the perfect solution for workshops that want to expand their general service offer and save car owners from costly replacement of fuel injectors. We recommend an initial professional cleaning of the fuel system after 80,000 to 100,000 km and every 60,000 km thereafter. For more detailed information on the application of the BIZOL Pro System Clean+ p80, as well as for the professional execution of the cleaning, please contact our sales team.


BIZOL is a German manufacturer of innovative engine oils and technical fluids. The company was founded in Germany in 1998 and sells its products in 65 countries worldwide. In the next three years, BIZOL will be present in 100 countries.

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