Engine vibrations, poor throttle response, increased emissions

Over time, deposits can form in the fuel system, especially in the injection system. The deposits clog the fine nozzle openings of the injectors and prevent a uniform fuel injection. The effects of deposits on and in the injectors are clearly visible at the moment of injection. While the very limited injection pattern becomes visible with the dirty injector (pos.1), the clean injector (pos.2) clearly shows the even distribution and fine atomization of the injected fuel, which means a significantly improved ignition and fuel combustion. Clean injectors improve the ignition!

Dirty Injectorclean Injector

Advantages of the fuel additive – clean injectors improve ignition

This results in optimised throttle response, smooth idling and reduced exhaust emissions, which can even lead to a successful exhaust emission test. Regular use of a fuel additive BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80 keeps the fuel system clean and protects the GPF and Catalytic Converter. The repair or replacement of these components would entail high costs. This is a great advantage when using the fuel additive BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80. The injectors or valve seats in the fuel system, which are difficult to access, can be reached simply by adding the additive to the fuel tank. The application is very easy: Just fill the self-mixing content into the fuel tank before refuelling.

Clean fuel system, protection of the GPF and catalytic converter

The oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and detergents contained in the additive keep the fuel system clean. The improved combustion protects GPF and catalytic converter. Regular use leads to reduced fuel consumption, smoother engine running and better engine response. Use this additive every third tank filling for preventive maintenance. In countries with low fuel quality, we recommend you to use it permanently. BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80 is suitable for all gasoline engines and fuel qualities (E5, E10 or E85). One 250 ml can works efficiently for up to 70 litres of gasoline fuel.

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