The development is not only rapid in engine technology. Today’s central hydraulic oils must also meet the highest technological requirements of the manufacturers in order to achieve the needed specifications and approvals.

However, many hydraulic fluids on the market do not reach this high level of development. Their deficits often lay in a low temperature range combined with a difficult pumpability. Because their viscosity is too high, it makes pumpability difficult and puts a strain not only on the hydraulic pump, but also on energy resources. But even in high temperature ranges, very high viscosity differences lead to reduced compressibility.

Foaming of hydraulic oils of poor quality delays or even prevents sufficient compression and, in the worst case, leads to operational failures. In the case of stability and traction systems in particular, an immediate response to the hydraulic components is an essential safety factor for smooth operation. Corrosion as a result of a faulty additive composition eventually leads to premature wear.

BIZOL´s Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90 (CHF) is therefore based on a high-quality hydrocrack oil and, with the help of its high-quality additives, exceeds the highest technological requirements. It can be applied in hydraulic power steering, level control, hydro pneumatic suspension or damping, electro-hydraulic convertible top control, stability and traction systems and can also be used for the hydrostatic drive. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when servicing.

Furthermore, it offers a very good thermal stability and aging resistance as well as optimum foaming properties. In addition to its excellent high and low-temperature behavior from -40 °C up to +130 °C BIZOL Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90 (CHF) offers a high amount of corrosion protection components as well as maximum wear protection. High-quality antioxidants ensure high stability against aging and foam inhibitor additives guarantee low compressibility.

In other words, make your customers happy and provide positive feedback for your company. With its Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90 (CHF), BIZOL offers high-quality hydraulic oil at an affordable purchase price. Benefit from fast delivery and extensive compatibility for many areas of application.

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