All of us have probably been in a situation, maybe even with family and kids, when a car suddenly appears front of you out of nowhere, and you thank God (or your car manufacturer) that your car´s brakes have just done a great job. What comes next is the questions : how do I make sure that it stays that way?

Brakes are composed of more than 40 parts and are used several hundred times a day on average. That alone is reason enough to undergo regular brake inspections. Cleaning the brakes usually is part of the brake inspection and should be carried out using an effective brake cleaner.

For this purpose, the use of a good brake cleaner such as BIZOL Brake Clean+ c31 is recommended. It can be used on brake drums, pads, discs, lines, cylinders and clutch parts. The effect of the brake cleaning is so thorough that all dirt is washed away without leaving any residues. And there is one pleasant side effect – it also eliminates the squeeking noise that may occure when braking abruptly. Never underestimate the important work brakes carry out every day – if they do their job well, it may save your life one day. So your life is definitely worth it!

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