Facilitates the removal of stuck components

Many mechanics are familiar with the problem of difficult to remove components when repairing cars or trucks. The reason for this is often the nature of some materials that tend to seize or cold weld under certain operating conditions. Especially between rim and wheel hub, tightening with high pressure can lead to cold welding and make disassembly more difficult. However, corrosion can also be a reason for the components to seize. Brake system maintenance can be easier and quicker with BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 brakes anti squeak spray prevent their seizing or cold welding.

Brakes anti squeak spray prevents cold welding of the wheel hub

With a fine surface coating, mechanics can avoid cold welding between the endangered surfaces, such as the rim and wheel hub. BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 is extremely pressure-resistant, protects against corrosion and is resistant even at very high as well as very cold temperatures, besides being resistant to road salt and spray water.

Reduces noise of the brake

Also safety-relevant parts like the brake system can benefit from BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 spray. Especially squeaking noises that occur during braking can be reduced or avoided with the ceramic spray.

Danger: Personal injury or damage to property due to reduced braking power. Do not apply Ceramic+ L55 Spray to braking surfaces!

Compatible with ABS, ASR and ESP

In use, the coating is applied to the back of the brake pads, where BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 reduces noise and corrosion thanks to its high pressure absorption capacity. BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 Spray is not electrically conductive and therefore compatible with many modern electronic driving safety systems, such as ABS, ASR and ESP. The long-lasting durability of the coating and the functionality of the components remain unaffected by the formation of acids and bases. Many component surfaces such as screw, plug and bayonet connections made of steel and non-ferrous metals can be coated with BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 Spray. Even after a long period of operation BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 facilitates the removal of components.

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