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Air intake cleaner, maintenance without dismantling

We all know that most engine components get contaminated very heavily over time. The intake system and injectors of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles are extremely affected by contamination: deposits of carbon, dust and grease cause malfunction of the EGR valve and the turbocharger and disturb the precise and carefully instrumented process flow in the engine. […]


The phenomenon of motor oil and fuel consumption

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to the motor oil in your car or why at times your car needs more fuel? Some of these questions are easy to answer, others require longer and complex explanations. However, one thing is certain – motor oil is indispensable for all engine components to work smoothly and […]

Low speed pre-ignition – the engine knock returns

Most older drivers, as well as those involved in motor sports, are well familiar with the phenomenon of engine knocking. However, due to continuous improvements in engine design and on-board control equipment, the risk of knock has been effectively eliminated, therefore many of you may have never heard of it. Unfortunately, old lessons seem to […]


Searching the internet for pros and cons on the use of oil systems cleaners may lead you to the state of even greater confusion. But what we CAN do is giving guidance and explaining a priori why using an oil system cleaner is advisable. Let us first come down to the essence: What is an […]

Is a brake cleaning service really necessary?

All of us have probably been in a situation, maybe even with family and kids, when a car suddenly appears front of you out of nowhere, and you thank God (or your car manufacturer) that your car´s brakes have just done a great job. What comes next is the questions : how do I make […]


Probably all of us have come across some frightening data provided by the World Health Organization. According to the statistics of the WHO from 2016 global air pollution caused an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide. The cause of these deaths was the exposure to ambient pollution from particulate matter higher than the average of […]

Which are the five main functions of motor oil?

Why is it said so often that motor oil is the life blood of your engine? It´s really no coincidence at all. Blood performs a vital function in our bodies and so does motor oil perform several vitals functions in a vehicle therewith making sure the engine stays „alive“. And therefore it is a question […]


Many workshop owners complain about a certain effort and expensive equipment that is needed to keep fuel injectors clean and the car owner happy. But is it worth the effort to carry out this often so expensive service? A clean injector is the key for an optimal performance for the engine. The job a fuel […]

What are the benefits of using an AC Cleaner?

Summer is around the corner and we all look forward to great warm weather. When temperatures get too high we are ever so happy to enjoy clean and fresh air in the car when travelling alone or with our family. In fact, we tend to spend more and more time in our cars and use […]