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Gear oil requirements – BIZOL Allround Gear Oil

Which requirements for gear oil? Excellent lubricating properties with BIZOL Transmissions are among the most important components in a vehicle: they transmit the torque of the engine to the wheels. For this reason, they are exposed to high loads and wear. Maintenance of the transmission oil therefore plays an important role. Not only the regular […]


Engine oil with low and mid ash content

Which engine oil for DPF and TWC? Low ash oil and the relevance for GPF and DPF In the development of the latest engine oil and combustion engines, the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions is an important quality criterion. Latest generation motor oils can thus make an important contribution to environmental protection. In return, they […]

How to prevent leakages in the radiator

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 for a reliable cooling system The cooling systems of car engines are exposed to particular stress, especially on hot summer days. High temperatures, long-distance holiday trips and possible traffic jams or stop-and-go traffic are a challenge for the important systems. Even the smallest hairline cracks can cause serious engine damage. Components […]


Friction Modifier+ o94 | Powerful anti-friction additive

Prof. Dr. Boris Zhmud, Head of R&D BIZOL W-Guard: Additives that work Modern motor oils are advanced hi-tech products developed to meet ever-increasing performance and safety requirements. Typical motor oil may contain up to 20 % of various additives that are used to fine-tune specific properties. Additives help fight oxidation, disperse dirt and water, improve […]

Oil system clean: What are the benefits?

8 important aspects for cleaning the oil system before changing the oil Oil carbon and graphite as the cause of many problems Many mechanics have not yet realised the benefits of carrying out an engine oil system clean before the oil change. But to keep an engine in optimal condition, it´s often not enough to […]

BIZOL Allround 0W-40 Engine Oil

BIZOL Allround 0W-40 Engine Oil “The quality of the oil is all the more important because bad oil is more harmful than useful and can easily ruin pistons and cylinders.” This quotation from a manual from 1902 makes it clear that even in the early days of internal combustion engines, the relevance of a high-quality […]


BIZOL Green Oil+ | Hybrid vehicles | Start-stop automatic

Approvals only for complex oils The demands on modern engine oils have risen sharply in recent years. Current automotive engines are becoming more powerful and smaller and are equipped with sensitive exhaust aftertreatment systems. Vehicle manufacturers only grant approvals for complex oils which do not yield to high co2 emissions and at the same time […]

Save time and money – 4 workshop maintenance tips

We all know the saying „time is money“. And it´s literally applicable to so many aspects of our lives. Saving time is a key element for reducing cost in businesses and many workshops have come to recognise the economic advantage of it. Instead of focussing on time-intensive replacements of parts, they now concentrate on fast […]