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German effective engine oil additives

BIZOL Additives – from standard to excellence A high VI means that synthetic oil retains its viscosity when exceptional hot or cold. Synthetic oil generally has a lower pour point, therefor needs lower levels of pour point depressants than conventional oils which have high levels of waxes that solidify at low temperatures. The lower level […]


Five signs of contaminated fuel injectors

What happens if fuel injectors are dirty? A frequently underestimated problem that many mechanics are certainly familiar with is deposits on and in the injectors. Causes for the deposits are often a low fuel quality or missed maintenance intervals of the customers. Particularly in diesel-powered vehicles, deposits on the injectors are noticeable through an unbalanced […]


Fuel consumption reduction and less friction BIZOL® o94

Does friction modifier reduce the fuel consumption? W-guard™ technology reduces the frictional resistance and CO2-emissions BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 is a high quality, powerful anti-friction and anti-wear engine oil additive with advanced W-guard™ technology. It effectively causes less friction and a fuel consumption reduction with the help of W-guard™ technology. The improved lubricating properties ensure […]


Engine compression – How to improve it?

Better engine compression thanks to an oil system clean Use engine cleaner before changing oil Deposits are hardly avoidable by-products of fuel combustion in the engine. In addition to generally undesirable effects such as clogged oil channels and reduced protective oil properties, deposits on the surfaces of the intake or exhaust valves or on the […]


Automatic Transmission Cleaner

BIZOL – Quality Made in Germany Do you and your customers have a high demand for quality? So do we at BIZOL! Therefore we offer our Automatic Transmission Cleaner+ a50, a high-quality additive for effective cleaning during gear flushing. A transmission oil for a lifetime? Almost no other component in a car needs such a […]


Brakes-Anti-Squeak Spray Ceramic+ L55

Facilitates the removal of stuck components Many mechanics are familiar with the problem of difficult to remove components when repairing cars or trucks. The reason for this is often the nature of some materials that tend to seize or cold weld under certain operating conditions. Especially between rim and wheel hub, tightening with high pressure […]


BIZOL injection nozzle cleaning and replacement

Effects of dirty injectors The injectors of the injection system are important components necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in the combustion engine. However, unavoidable deposits lead to soiling of the injectors with increasing mileage. The consequences are then an unbalanced fuel-air mixture which leads to increased fuel consumption, lower performance, premature impairment of the exhaust […]

Oil service with p91 AND BIZOL Green Oil+ ENGINE OIL

Better oil and engine protection through oil system cleaning Many car or truck drivers and fleet operators carry out an annual oil change on their vehicles, or rely on the workshop for this necessary service. Over time, the engine oil loses its protective properties and must be changed. But the choice of the right engine […]


Diesel particulate filter regeneration d61+

Regeneration cycles receive filter function Frequent short-distance journeys put a strain not only on the engine, but also on the exhaust system of vehicles. Many diesel vehicles are equipped with a particulate filter these days which requires regular regeneration over high temperatures for reliable cleaning of the emission gases. If regeneration cycles are reduced or […]