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How to save time and money by cleaning the fuel injectors?

NEW happy customers with effective quality Service from BIZOL® Clean instead of dismantle – Pro Gasoline Clean/ Pro Diesel System Clean? By cleaning the fuel injectors, you can easily improve fuel injection and combustion quickly and inexpensively. Also, reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are positive effects of this practice. These nozzles can become contaminated […]

What is the effect of not changing engine oil?

When should you change your engine oil! Tasks of quality engine oils Which oil does my engine need? With BIZOL Allround 0W-40, BIZOL offers a German multifunctional fully synthetic engine oil that is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with and without a turbocharger. This fully synthetic engine oil meets the high requirements for a […]

How to use the radiator stop leak?

Leak-proof the cooling system Important functions of the coolant in the cooling system Reduced cooling capacity due to loss of coolant Even the smallest hairline cracks in the radiator lead to leaks and affect engine cooling or increase wear. Corrosion protection, water pump and thermostat lubrication are then only possible to a limited extent. It […]


How to change spark plugs? BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 Spray

Avoidable damage to spark plugs or glow plugs Prevent seizing, rusting or cold welding Different designs and applications Functioning spark and glow plugs are fundamental for the operation of the two most widespread internal combustion engines: gasoline and diesel. In gasoline-powered engines, spark plugs generate sparks via electrical impulses that ignite the gas-air mixture. In […]

How does a CVT Transmission work? BIZOL® Protect ATF CVT

News and technology – increased sales in automatic transmission How the continuously variable automatic transmission works This is the essential difference between CVT transmissions and manual transmissions or conventional automatic transmissions: the power is not transmitted via gear pairs, but a connecting link. Two opposing pairs of conical pulleys (variators) and a connecting link (or […]


Quality has its price. How composition determines quality Consumers and mechanics do not have an easy time choosing the right engine oil for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The sheer huge selection of different engine oils can be confusing. However, the manufacturing process of the base oil and the selection of the mixed additive packages determine […]


How to improve ignition? BIZOL FUEL ADDITIVE g80

Engine vibrations, poor throttle response, increased emissions Over time, deposits can form in the fuel system, especially in the injection system. The deposits clog the fine nozzle openings of the injectors and prevent a uniform fuel injection. The effects of deposits on and in the injectors are clearly visible at the moment of injection. While […]