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How to jump start vehicles properly

Jump-starting – what you need to know Check the owner’s manualConsult the manual to see if there are specific jump-starting instructions for the vehicle. Some vehicles have special terminals, which are specifically designated for jump-starting. The jump leads must only be connected to the designated terminals provided on these vehicles. Note: Take care when jump-starting. […]


Stopping Coolant Leaks the Easy Way

What happens when the cooling system overheats Oh no, what’s that? Steam is billowing from the engine bay! Immediately you ask yourself, how much is it going to cost to repair? When the cooling system overheats or the radiator springs a leak, it is annoying, yes. But doesn’t have to cost a fortune to repair. […]

The humble story of brake cleaner

Well, you might be wondering what is there is to tell aboutit? What is the story of brake cleaner? After all, it is nothing special, just another useful workshop chemical that does its job in a safe and unremarkable way. But that would be a mistake, because before it was introduced things looked quite different […]

The best wear protection: formulated for the rigours of daily traffic

BIZOL Green Oil+ is a premium product that has all of the qualities a modern engine oil requires and more besides. It has outstanding oxidation stability for a long service life, exceptional levels of cleanliness, lubrication performance at temperature extremes, lubricant film strength and a low evaporation loss exemplary wear protection and fuel efficiency. All […]

BIZOL Service packs: easier repairs and better sales

Choosing the correct product from a complete portfolio can be a little tricky when it comes to repairs. Of course, there is a product for every problem, but how is the easiest way to explain the choice to a customer? At BIZOL, we think that making it simple is the key. So we prepared 3 […]

The quick fix for engine running problems

High fuel consumption or poor idle? What is causing increased fuel consumption and poor idle behaviour? Why is the engine management light on? Common faults caused by a dirty MAF sensor include: rough running at idle, increased fuel consumption, low power, poor throttle response, poor starting and black smoke (diesels). Even the dreaded check engine […]

Engine running rough?

Is your engine suffering from poor starting, poor idling and low power? What’s the causes running problems ? Often something as simple as an accumulation of carbon, soot or other deposits in the intake system. Despite all of the advances in vehicle fuelling systems, it is still necessary to clean them from time to time, […]

More power out of a tin? Prove it! – injector service

Claims, claims and more claims, one more extravagant than the next. Yes, of course we are confident that the promises we make about our products are true and that our products can deliver significant tangible benefits. But can we back the claims up with proof? The acid test for any claim is to subject it […]