We all know that most engine components get contaminated very heavily over time. The intake system and injectors of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles are extremely affected by contamination: deposits of carbon, dust and grease cause malfunction of the EGR valve and the turbocharger and disturb the precise and carefully instrumented process flow in the engine. This affects the control of the gas-air mixture in the intake system, the turbocharger, the air mass meter and the exhaust gas recirculation valve. The driver experiences these signs of pollution as delayed starting behavior, troubled idling or when he notices increased fuel consumption. In short, the car´s operating costs noticeably increase and its lifespan goes down.

More time – less cost

It is very tedious to maintain the addressed engine parts. Just reaching them and let alone cleaning the contaminated parts requires a lot of time, patience and effort. Mechanics usually dismantle and clean the complete component, then reinsert it and re-calibrate it. Quite often it is necessary to replace the old components completely. This requires a lot of time and money and creates additional stress for the environment. However, there is a way for well-equipped workshops and car enthusiasts to save these costs and contribute to protecting the environment. For instance, BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 allows you to clean dirty engine components even without dismantling them and in less time.

Easy engine maintenance with BIZOL intake cleaner

An extra-long spray probe makes it possible to easily reach even inaccessible parts. Finest holes at the end of the 360-degree valve head allow the highly effective cleaning agent to spread evenly and precisely. Because of a special cleaning formula, the most persistent dirt and deposits are dissolved and the formation of new residues is delayed.

Maximum benefits with less effort

Now that the intake system, mass air flow sensor and EGR valve are clean and work accurately, the car driver himself will experience the improvements: a lower fuel consumption, better engine performance in general and even lower exhaust emissions will be acknowledged. The engine has a better response when starting, and runs smoother when idle. And in addition the driver saves the cost of unnecessary new parts! Therefore it is recommended for workshops to use for instance the BIZOL intake cleaner on a regular basis, especially on engines with dirty intake systems, contaminated system components and sensitive diesel particulate filters.

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