Probably all of us have come across some frightening data provided by the World Health Organization. According to the statistics of the WHO from 2016 global air pollution caused an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide. The cause…
BIZOL Pro Oil System Clean+ p91BIZOL 2020

Pro Oil System Clean+ p91

This reasonable cost-efficient service is a guarantee for satisfied customers Dirty smoke from the exhaust is not always an indication of a serious fault in the engine. This may also happen due to the careless use of low quality engine oil…
BIZOL_blog_allround_0W-40BIZOL 2020

BIZOL Allround 0W-40 Engine Oil

BIZOL Allround 0W-40 Engine Oil "The quality of the oil is all the more important because bad oil is more harmful than useful and can easily ruin pistons and cylinders.” This quotation from a manual from 1902 makes it clear that even in…
Green Oil+BIZOL 2020

BIZOL Green Oil+

Approvals only for complex oils The demands on modern engine oils have risen sharply in recent years. Current automotive engines are becoming more powerful and smaller and are equipped with sensitive exhaust aftertreatment systems. Vehicle…